Advertising/Public Relations Research

We are extremely proud of our research and consulting to drive and to test advertising and public relations campaigns and for developing marketing strategies.  Our Fortune 100 and other clients have told us that we are unsurpassed in the level of detail we gather in our focus groups, investigative research and surveys.

Our audience research assures that a campaign will respond directly to the target audience and that it uses language that will resonate.  The result is that the optimum, most productive campaign will be implemented.  An additional benefit is the recommendations we provide regarding marketing strategy.  We determine if there are any misperceptions (and thus opportunities) about our client’s offering and if there are issues with the company’s product or service that need to be addressed.

  • Focus groups with Millennials to craft a market development strategy and communications campaign for a coalition of Colorado businesses that will promote capitalism.  The groups determined in great detail the theme, visuals, messaging and taglines that would be the most effective.
  • Focus groups and exploratory interviews with executive-level state employees, state politicians, county commissioners, county managers, city employees and landowners to determine how oil and gas exploration companies were performing in the communities in which they were operating and to drive communications platforms.
  • Survey for a Colorado government agency to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign and to make recommendations regarding policies.
  • Survey for a tourism organization to guide an advertising campaign.
  • One-on-one interviews with dentists to test the creative for a new dental product and to assess market acceptance of the product.
  • Survey of residents near a Christian school to guide an advertising campaign designed to increase enrollment at the school.