We have worked with trade associations in a number of industries.  Our work has improved service to members, been published in trade magazines, tested the viability of potential products and services, helped attract new members and been sold as publications.

We have worked with these associations.

  • American Animal Hospital Association
  • American Heart Association
  • American Water Works Association
  • Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
  • Institute for Brewing Studies
  • Institute of Financial Planners
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • National Recreation and Parks Association
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • National Technical Services Association
  • Rotary Club of Denver
  • National survey for the National Recreation and Parks Association to determine the public’s views of the benefits from the availability and use of parks and recreation facilities in communities.
  • Case studies of local government agencies to produce a manual for developing boating and fishing programs.
  • Survey for an industry publication regarding the issues veterinarians were facing and to explore the referral process.
  • Survey to determine the viability of a proposed membership category and to learn the educational needs industry professionals felt the association should meet.
  • Member and non-member survey to determine how an association could improve service to present members and to develop a strategy for attracting new members.
  • Surveys to produce industry publications.  Examples include a profile of industry firms and a publication about the salaries and benefits industry firms provide to their employees.
  • Survey of non-renewing members to explore why they decide not to renew their memberships.