Community Surveys

We have been conducting citizen and business surveys to guide local government planning since our inception.  We assist senior-level government staff by thoroughly exploring how citizens and businesses feel they can be better served.  We work directly with local government agencies and as part of teams headed by planning firms.  We conduct mail (with the option of responding electronically), telephone and Internet surveys.  We have worked nationally and extensively in Colorado.

  • We have conducted dozens of community surveys to help guide parks, master and comprehensive plans.
  • Business survey for an economic development department to develop a business retention and attraction strategy.
  • Survey of people who completed residential or business construction projects that required approval of the preservation department.  Results were used to improve the process.
  • Study to determine the feasibility of Front Range Airport becoming a companion airport to Denver International Airport with the ability of accommodating the full range of aviation needs.
  • Engagement for the City and County of Denver to guide negotiations with railroads that had tracks in lower downtown Denver.  Because the railroads had refused the City’s numerous requests to move their tracks, cases were uncovered where the same railroads had done so.