Government Consulting

In addition to working with local government for community surveys to guide planning, we provide audience research and consulting for state and Federal government agencies, either directly or by teaming with other professional services firms.  Our work typically guides refining government programs and/or provides the basis for communications campaigns.

  • National survey of motor coach travelers for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (Division of DOT).  We surveyed people in six cities in the U.S. and completed exploratory telephone interviews with 60 people.  Our work provided the basis of a communications campaign stressing safety to motor coach travelers.
  • Engagement with the VA in Ann Arbor, Michigan to conduct surveys of Veterans in ten cities in North America and Puerto Rico to improve the delivery of prescription medicine to Veterans.  We implemented a similar electronic survey of pharmacists in all of the VA facilities.
  • Focus group consulting engagement with the VA in Alaska to develop a program that delivers medical services to Veterans in rural Alaska.  We conducted ten focus groups with Veterans and senior management at medical facilities in five towns in Alaska.
  • Three surveys for a state economic development department.  We determined business owners’ needs and thus, how the agency could best serve them by developing new and/or revising programs and services.
  • Engagement with the Moab Utah Area Travel Council to assess the effectiveness of its marketing campaign and to build on its marketing plan to increase air travel through Canyonlands Field.
  • Research to help develop a marketing strategy for Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • Exploratory interviews with executive-level employees at state and federal government, trade associations and environmental groups for a state regulatory agency to determine how it could be a more effective government agency.